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Art Song

Originally written for soprano Kelly Gallagher, this art song is set to the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. The text, written in 1827 entitled a Dream within a Dream, explores regret and self-inflicted immolation: a common theme of Poe's Poetry. The art song draws on musical aesthetic of 1827, but uses contemporary language and style.

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Chamber Wind Ensemble

In nature a dry season denotes a time when no support for growth is given and subsequently life is stationary. This standstill can be compared to the lives of people and the similar cycles that they go through. Compositional speaking, The Dry Season displays these cyclical figures in both its phrases and its larger form.

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Voice, Flute, and Continuo


The following piece is meant to be "baroque-like;" however, in no way do I intend anyone to think that this is a historically or stylistically accurate representation of music from that time. Its purpose rather is to evoke the idea of baroque music, which is then degraded throughout the piece to correspond with the "two headed" form of the text.

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Wind Ensemble

​This piece was written for a friend who, at the time of its composition, was struggling with depression, substance abuse, and general discontent with life and his position in it. I thought I should write him a heroic, "fan-fare-like" band piece that would be the soundtrack for his triumphs over his demons. At the time of its construction, I had no idea my friend would leave his sadness to be come successful with a beautiful wife and, most recently, become a loving father.


The Goldspiel/Provost Classical Guitar Duo

Commissioned for The Goldspiel/Provost classical guitar duo as a undergraduate student at the Hartt School, University of Hartford, I wrote this with the intention of growing from the experience. ​I tried to focus on a strong counterpoint between the two instruments while not ignoring the need for idiomatic sensibilities. The end result is a work that I feel shows some progress made.

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Viola, Clarinet and Oboe

​Stryder is a light, neo-renaissance-type chamber work that is as much concert music as it is rock-n-roll. The piece is short and fun for its players as well as the audience.

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The Cormorant is, of course, a bird with a particular look and voice. Its trade mark "squawk" is one that can be heard in this work. Compositionally in this work I aimed to create a solo work that stood alone, without the need for accompaniment.

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