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As a songwriter in Nashville, I worked on several projects and was a participating member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International. Below are past albums and projects I've recorded and published.



Dramatic Discourse


Black Eyed Charlie and the Terrorist of Fun collaborate on this Debut EP heavy on guitars, synths, and breakbeats.


released 01 February 2013 


The Terrorist of Fun - Vocals, Music, and Lyrics 


Black Eyed Charlie - Music, Guitars, Vocals.



There is an Evening


The TOF's sophomore release explores 'dusk' and 'twilight' as concrete and abstract ideas. The EP was designed to be listened to from start to finish sometime after dinner. After dinner, because this is usually the time of day most people are thinking about all day. The Evening is "our time". Enjoy! 


released 29 July 2010 


All lyrics and music by DC Biels, 2010.


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