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Video and Electronic Music
Summer 2005

The title of this work is an acronym for, A Brief

Analysis of the Projected Self. In fact, the work consists solely of X-rays of my chest. I was in Miami when these X-rays were made. I had fallen off a boat I had been working on in dry dock, and landed 10-15ft below on my side. As I sat in the hospital waiting room, it felt really odd seeing pictures, x-rays, of myself that didn't remind me of me; but were inexplicably me.

Download Score

Download Score


Video and Electronic Music
Summer 2003-4


Unlike photographs and old home movies that can provide an objective view of the past, our memory by nature is subjective. We often remember only our happiest moments and discard the rest. This short film deals with how memories often obscure the perception of oneself, and that which is external.


The images were recorded at Centralia, PA where an underground coal fire has been burning since 1962. Centralia is one of the least-populated municipalities in Pennsylvania.


Premiered: by Beth Marchall
CMA New Music Ensemble, Bowling Green State University
November 3, 2005


The Thief of Always deals with the universal disposition of dealing with, accepting, and understanding death. The Thief of Always is scored for a solo cellist, computer, and video.  At approximately 13 minutes in duration, the work is divided into six adjoining sections that deal with a few of the many views and emotions involved with death. The computer aspect of the piece utilizes the Max/MSP environment to process the live performance of the cellist. The accompanying film component of the work contains both a visual and audio component to help reinforce these stages of death.

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