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Booking Chronology

1. Request a time via the booking form at   If time is            available, you will receive a confirmation ​Email and the calendar will be updated with your        first name and last initial. Please allow up to 24 hours for a confirmation.

2. When booking sessions, keep mixing or production sessions from 2-4hrs and 4-8hrs for           recording. The purpose of longer or all day sessions will need to be indicated in the "other       comments" section of the booking form.

3.  Show up to session and complete the Inventory Report Part A.

4.  When logging into the computer, use the C.L.E.A.R Lab account.

     (password: CLEARLabStudent1!)

5.  5 minutes before session time is up make sure to begin to breakdown and put away any          equipment being used so as not to run over your session time.

6. Complete the Inventory Report Part B and place on top of the microphone cabinet.

7. Make sure all equipment is away, the SSL is normaled, the TV turned off, the                    

    track lights on and the room lights fully dimmed,  and the computer is logged out of the

    student account.

Failure to obey any rules or follow the session chronology will terminate student access to the C.L.E.A.R Laboratory


THE C.L.E.A.R LABORATORY Rules and Regulations (Updated 08/01/16) new date

1. No food, drink, or vaping. Musicians can use bottled water or closed beverage containers in the tracking room only.

2. No person or persons not directly involved in the recording or performance of a project should be present in the Lab.

3. Do not under any circumstance unplug, rewire, or configure the physical setup of the Lab.

4. Headphone amps may be removed from chairbacks for additional headphone monitoring, but should be returned at the end of the session.

5. Students can only be in the Lab when they have been cleared by Dr. Doug or Wyndhem via the calendar.

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