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As a Recording Engineer/ Record Producer, Bielmeier has worked with Indie and start-up artists for Centaur, New Amsterdam, and Iridian Arts record labels in Nashville, DC, Indianapolis, and Boston. Bielmeier designed/managed the C.L.E.A.R. Lab at Purdue School of Engineering: a state-of-the-art facility for creating, mixing, and mastering new electronic works featuring a Phantom Focus System by Carl Tatz Design. His live-sound work has included A1/A2 Engineer for Entertainment Exchange, UU Congregation of Fairfax, The Kennedy Center, and sound for President Joe Biden.

Discography (recent)

Doug Bielmeier (2023). Music for Billionaires. New York, NY, USA: New Focus Records

Eric Salazar (2023). SALI. London, UK: Sheva Collection

Doug Bielmeier (2021). Ambient Works. New York, NY, USA: Albany

Records (TROY1860)

Doug Bielmeier (2019). Beast of Bodmin Moor. Boston, MA: Noisy Buffalo Records

Jordan Munson (2019). A Certain Light. Indianapolis, IN, USA

Jordan Munson (2018). Where Light Escapes You. New York, NY: New Amsterdam Records.

Doug Bielmeier (2018) Costa Mesa Rocking Chair. Mind and Machine. North Hampton, NH: 

Robin Cox (2017). Ghost of Time. Indianapolis, IN, USA: Iridian Records.

Doug Bielmeier (2017) Betty and The Sensory World. Indianapolis, IN, USA: Ravello Records.

Vesta Mohebbi (2016) Khod Erza. Iran.

Eric Salazar (2016). Soul Search. Indianapolis, IN, USA: Centaur Records.

Cable Wolf (2013). Dramatic Discourse. Washington, DC, USA: Noisy Buffalo.

The Terrorist of Fun (2010). There is an Evening. Washington, DC, USA: Noisy Buffalo.

The Solutions (2010). No Problems, Just Solutions. Washington, DC: Soul Vibe Productions.

Howard, J. (2007). Anticipation. Washington, DC, USA: Chocolate Chi Music, 837101417945.

Sample Recordings

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