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1. Wells M.E.
2. Corporate Responsibility Pledge
3. Burning Old Man Summer
4. Throwaway Culture
5. Widow's Mite
6. Slowdance84
7. CRP (East Coast Mix)
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Buy into Doug Bielmeier's "Music for Billionaires," an audacious meld of Indie Classical, Ambient Electronic, and Experimental Music. Building on the triumph of his chart-topping "Ambient Works"(Albany 2021), Bielmeier scrutinizes the complex interplay between creativity and privilege: a satirical commentary on today's music milieu. With Hypercube and Unheard//of Ensemble, recording at Octavian Studios (New York) and Northeastern University (Boston), Bielmeier leveraged his two decades of recording engineer and producer experience to bring these compositions to life. While often obscured, the traditional acoustic instruments on this album both ground Bielmeier’s abstract soundscapes while creating another dimension of sonic possibilities. 


11/18/ 23 - Flauto de Amout - Northeastern, Boston

10/29/23 - New England Synth Fest - Burlington MA

8/12/23 - Unheard-of//Cultural Ecologies: Black Mayo - Brooklyn NY

Background Image, "Morning of the Camping Trip" - By Jessica Brilli

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