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A list of people we've worked with lately...


Cable Wolf, "Dramatic Discourse" February 1, 2013. Alt Rock (LP) 


The Mesh, "Debut" July 8, 2012. Rock (EP) 


The Soulutions, "No Problems Just Soulutions" April 13, 2012. Reggae (LP)


The Night Owls, "Upside" 2012  Pop/Rock, Independent (EP)


The Terrorist of Fun, "There is an Evening" July 9, 2010. Alt Rock (EP)


Jua Howard, "Anticipation" June 23, 2009. Neo Soul (LP)


Euphonism, "Conflict Resolution" March 7, 2008. Acappella (LP)


Alpha Males, "I Thought You Should Know" 2008. Pop/Rock, Independent (EP)


East On Orange, "I Hope You Know" 2007. Indie Rock, Independent (EP)


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